December 12, 2018

Are Idolra the Best Travel Handbags? Find Out!

Why Idolra are the best travel handbags for travel?

It’s Stylish

I saw an incredibly chic passenger with a well-worn, large Le Pliage on the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard more than a decade ago. I still wonder where she was heading and what glamorous events her weekend entailed. I had to have one for myself! Alas, the Gatsby-esque lifestyle did not come with it.

This is one of the best travel handbags for weekend travel. It’s sturdy, holds a ton, and even marinara sauce and red wine stains wipe right off!

A huge bonus is that it folds and neatly snaps together, so if you’re on a longer trip and planning to pick up a thing or two, you can stow it away until needed as an extra bag for the journey home. This is a good investment.

It’s Versatile

I have the larger one that doubles as a travel shoulder bag, and I use it all the time! I use it as an everyday tote, a carry-on tote, or if I’m taking a wheelie, then it serves as an extra bag in my suitcase.

I used it on an island-hopping trip across Greece and it was the best! I could fit a week’s worth of clothes inside, and it did double duty as a beach tote! I love it so much I want the other smaller sizes, but you can’t fit much in those.

The downside, for me, is that there are so many fake versions of this bag that people don’t quite believe it’s the real deal. Also, you can’t dump it in the washing machine due to the leather, unlike my favorite Le Sports Sac crossbody. Lastly, mine’s green, which means my wardrobe kinda has to revolve around that color whenever I’m using it as a carry-on/tote/beach bag.

I purchased a large black one several ago in Paris and have used it for everything from a purse to a weekend tote to a gym bag. It’s an excellent carry-on bag and easy and light to throw into a larger suitcase if you’re expecting to bring back some extra souvenirs. The real ones are durable and resistant to dust. I love it for European business travel, but I do prefer something a little more versatile when backpacking.

We’ve been using it in our travels as a nursing bag. We have two small children and I have the larger shopper tote with longer straps. It holds a lot of the stuff we need on our travels with children. We’ve taken it on a plane with baby stuff (food, diapers, toys, wipes, etc.) and at the destination, it can be used as a beach bag or a shopping bag. It’s easy to handle and carry-on your shoulder.

It Can Be Used As A Spare Tote

I’ve got one that I use as my current handbag (purse) for everyday use at home. I don’t use it for overseas travel as I prefer a cross body bag for safety.

When I’m traveling, I fold it up in my suitcase then use it as an extra bag, in case of large scale shopping incidents (I travel carry-on only). I have used it for domestic trips and like that there’s room for a drink bottle, extra jacket/sweater, and other things.

I have been traveling with mine for years. I always pack it because it makes a great extra bag if you need another suitcase on the return home. I’ve used mine as a beach bag, overnight bag, and a market bag for grocery shopping (in Europe you have to buy plastic bags and this is much better).

The uses are endless and it always looks neat and stylish. That being said, it makes a lousy day-to-day purse since there are no pockets or compartments.

It’s fun to go online and “design” your own color combination and get your initials stamped on the leather.

I also have no problem folding it, and I’m usually terrible at folding ‘packable’ stuff. It’s perfect for bringing in your main bag to use for souvenirs later. You can also fit a laptop inside. I agree that it benefits from a purse organizer. – Grace Campbell

It’s Lightweight

I love mine but if I’m using it as a travel purse, it must have a purse organizer in it. Otherwise everything is hard to find. But with an organizer it’s great! I love how lightweight it is.

When in Paris recently everyone was carrying one! There was even a billboard near the airport–beware of imitation bags. I carry it mainly as a tote, but as a purse I would add an organizer or use a cross body for overseas travel. I have a similar bag as my personal item for the plane–I love that I can throw in a light jacket and stuff it full since it’s so lightweight.

My 17-year-old daughter and I love Idolra bags. They are very lightweight and durable. We have used them on many trips and will again in June for her graduation trip to Italy. The main negative is that it has only one little pocket.

Perfect for Weekend Jaunts

I have contemplated buying the Le Pliage tote on and off for years during many backpacking trips. The only reason I haven’t bought this bag is because I’ve heard it’s very hard to refold back into the compact form (and as a backpacker this is a necessity, so I can save space without ruining my things) and because it doesn’t have a cross body strap.

The large bags hold quite a bit of stuff, but the fact that there are just shoulder straps doesn’t make it secure or ergonomically friendly. Maybe one day I will buy one when I decide which continent to settle on long term.

This may never take the place of a backpack for long-term travel, however it’s perfect for shorter trips and when you don’t really need to carry around your stuff all the time! Also, I personally haven’t had any issues folding it up. There are sometimes some very cool airport exclusive designs to choose from!

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